Calculating Your Soul Number


Calculating Your Soul Number

The vowels in your name, along with their numeric values, combine to disclose your Soul Number. When calculating, remember that Y or W aren’t used as vowels—only A, E, I, O, and U. In the following steps, I walk you through how to calculate your Soul Number.

1.       Print each letter of your full name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. It’s important to leave some space above your name, because that’s where the numeric values of the vowels are written.

2.       On the top line, place the numeric value of every vowel (A, E, I, O, and U). Remember: A is 1, E is 5, I is 9, O is 6, and U is 3.

3.       Now add up all of the numeric values of the vowels and reduce to a single digit. You can either add the numbers horizontally all the way across the entire name or, if it’s easier for you, add the first, middle, and last names separately and then add the sums together—whichever way it’s done, you get the same result. That number is your Soul Number.

4.       Write your Soul Number, also known as your heart’s desires, in the heart.

 Here’s how this process is applied to the name of former president Dwight David Eisenhower. I’ve provided the two ways Eisenhower’s name can be added, so you can judge which way is right for you.

I first entered Eisenhower’s name in the chart.

I then inserted the values of the vowels at the top of the chart.

Finally, I added and reduced until I got a single-digit value. The first chart shows Eisenhower’s entire name being added at once, while the second chart shows the first, middle, and last names being added separately before their sums are added together.

Whatever way you add it, Eisenhower had a Soul Number of 4. When calculating your Soul Number, you also have the option of “casting out” or ignoring the nines. Here’s how the calculation for Eisenhower’s Soul Number looks when doing so.

If you recall from Chapter 2, you also have the option to get rid of groups of numbers that add to 9. Whatever you decide to do, you should still get the same answer.