Destiny Number Meanings - Destiny Number 8

 Destiny Number Meanings - Destiny Number 8

If you have a Destiny Number of 8, you often tend to have goals more than dreams. A very powerful person, you’re driven by money, power, and success. You’re a born leader who likes to be the boss or in charge of things. With innate managerial skills and individual methods for doing things, you first need to know what’s expected of you and then prefer to be left alone to do your job.

An ambitious promoter who’s able to get others on the bandwagon, you can always be counted on to complete the project. You’re a resilient, take-charge person who seems to handle whatever comes your way. Because you’re capable and have your own way of doing things, you chafe at being micromanaged; you don’t like to be questioned or prodded for updates on the status of a project. As an 8, you feel that such interrogation just consumes valuable time and that your history of performance should speak for itself.

While you’re levelheaded in emergencies, you may be emotional after the crisis has passed. You function well under pressure, but after the lid is off, all that steam dissipates. Because you are interested in fitness and health, you monitor your health, diet, and exercise routines carefully. Unless you have an H, Q , or Z in your given name, as a Destiny Number 8, you may get emotional and have a tendency to gain or lose weight when you are under stress.

Try to keep emotions on an even keel by avoiding highs, lows, and sometimes in-betweens. Learning to balance your life—eight hours for work, eight hours for play, and eight hours for rest is essential for you. With your nose always to the grindstone, you may not take enough time for romance.

Be tactful and allow others to express their own viewpoints. Work hard to avoid projecting the attitude, “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!”