Soul Number Meanings - Soul Number 6

 Soul Number Meanings - Soul Number 6

If you’re a Soul Number 6, your motto is “the best or nothing.” The quintessential romantic, love, home, and family are essential for your happiness. As a 6, you treasure family values and traditions. Generous and loving, you are a magnet for children and animals and often rescue stray animals and people.

As a 6, you’re recognized by others for your good common sense. The epitome of a peacemaker, you’re a natural counselor who strives for harmonious relationships. Because you’re always responsible, you willingly assume more than your fair share of the workload.

Although wealth is not very important to you, security and financial stability are crucial. A fair deal for all is essential to your happiness. Big on commitments, you write them in pen, not pencil, and your handshake and word are golden.

With a Soul Number of 6, you play for keeps and would never be heard singing the lyric, “do you want to make love or do you just want to fool around.” Idealistic and trusting, you see the best in people; however, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind if you feel someone has been unjust or unfair.

You tend to put the needs of others before your own. In your desire to help others, be careful not to smother them. Also, know that some people may take advantage of your caring and generous nature. In an argument, your emotions can get the best of you.