What Do the Numbers Mean in Numerology ?

What Do the Numbers Mean in Numerology ?

You’ll use your name and convert the letters into their numeric values to calculate your most important core numbers—your Destiny, Soul, and Personality Numbers—as well as your Intensification, Karma, Subconscious Response, Point of Security Numbers, and much more. You’ll also use your birth date to reveal your Life Path, Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day Numbers, and even your Milestone and Highlight years. 

Let’s take a look at the basic meanings of the numbers you’ll be using in numerology

Numbers 1 through 9

In numerology, each number signifies various traits and characteristics. The following table provides the keywords and basic meanings of numbers 1 through 9. Don’t worry about memorizing the meanings; you can always refer to the table. Soon, you’ll find that the more you use numerology, the more the numbers and their meanings will become second nature to you.

Basic Meanings of Numbers 1 through 9

1 Masculine influence, beginnings, independence, inventive, original, leadership

2 Feminine influence, cooperation, partnership, tact, diplomacy, harmony, unity

3 Communication, expression, youthfulness, creativity, self-confidence or lack of selfconfidence, potential shyness

4 Order, form, restriction, work, patience, values, security, stability, practicality

5 Freedom, changes, variety, travel, activity

6 Love, home, family, responsibility, sense of duty, marriage and/or divorce, nurturing, justice, balance 

7 Analysis, wisdom, mystical, spiritual, integrity, solitude, precision, research

8 Organization, money, power, success, business, health, control and authority, mastery

9 Completion, endings, universal, philanthropy

Master Numbers 11 and 22 

In numerology, 11 and 22 are considered special; they are known as Master Numbers. They are called this because they are believed to be a higher vibration than their reduced number. So Master Number 11 is a higher vibration of 2 (1 + 1 = 2) and Master Number 22 is a higher vibration of 4 (2 + 2 = 4). 

The following table gives you the meanings of these special numbers:

Master Number Meanings

Master Number 11/2         

Master Number 11 is on a higher plane than the equivalent non-Master or reduced, single-digit number 2. Inspirational, uplifting  

Master Number 22/4 

Master Number 22 is on a higher plane than the equivalent non-Master or reduced, single-digit number 4. Inspirational, master builder

Some numerologists believe these Master Numbers are incredibly meaningful and therefore shouldn’t be reduced to a single digit. My opinion differs slightly from the norm. When doing calculations, I’m aware of the Master Numbers and make note of them; however, I choose to reduce Master Numbers to single digits—11 to 2 and 22 to 4.