What Is the Soul Number?

What Is the Soul Number?

Your Soul Number is hidden inside your name and reveals your innermost thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires. It also tells you about the inner you, what you value most, what you long for, what you daydream about, what you want to express in this lifetime, and what feeds your soul. It’s your inner spirit—the you that few, if any, in the world ever see. Your Soul Number also indicates talents you might possess, whether they’re developed, exhibited, or still dormant. What’s revealed by your Soul Number might amaze your friends, loved ones, and even your closest confidants.

"Sometimes called the Heart Number, the Soul Number is a Core Number that represents the inner you, including your values, hopes, wishes, dreams, and innermost desires as well as your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward life and love. It is the reduced sum of the numeric values of the vowels in your birth name."

Knowing and understanding your Soul Number can point to aspects of yourself that you may not even realize are there. Or, if you do know your hidden qualities and are a private person, these may be things that you may dread others finding out about you, either from embarrassment or fear of ridicule.

For example, if you’re a male with a Soul Number 6, you may not want it known that you have very tender feelings toward children, animals, and older people. Likewise, an executive with a Soul Number 2 would prefer to keep her easily hurt feelings under wraps with coworkers.

Knowing and understanding your Soul Number can bring you greater happiness and deeper personal insight. It can help you with family and personal relationships, as well as with decisions in your career. Your Soul Number also explains why you do certain things the way you do.

And knowing the Soul Number of loved ones gives you more insight and understanding of their inner nature, regardless of how they appear on the outside. At work, knowing the Soul Number of your boss and coworkers helps you know what motivates them and how to connect with them in a manner they can relate to. If you have or know children, knowing their Soul Number is the key to helping them achieve their heart’s desire.