Numerology – A to Z: The Meaning of Each Letter

Numerology alphabet Meaning

Modern numerology involves converting letters into numbers and performing standard arithmetic operations on those numbers. Don’t worry, it’s all simple addition and subtraction—no multiplication, division, exponentiation, or logarithms will ever enter the picture. 

Starting with the meanings associated with the letters A through Z. You also learn the numeric value of each letter and how to convert letters into numbers. 

In addition (pun intended), you learn how to add up the numbers and reduce any double-digit numbers to a single digit. Shortcut that lets you find the single-digit number faster than merely continuing to add and reduce. Not only is the trick simple, it’ll save you time as you get deeper into numerology calculations.

A to Z: The Meaning of Each Letter

In numerology, each letter has a special meaning. The following are descriptions of the characteristics associated with each letter:

Letter A

This is very powerful as the first letter of a name. A people are their own person—they’re sure of themselves and ambitious. Original and creative, they tend to like their own ideas best. Sometimes an indicator of an impulsive individual, A as the first letter also indicates a natural leader who likes action and plenty of it. No grass grows under their feet! 

Letter B

B people are prone to sensitivity and must be careful to not take things personally. Wanting to keep the peace, they sometimes acquiesce to others. To be happy, B people need togetherness and companionship. Also drawn to collecting, these people may have treasures displayed or tucked away. 

Letter C

This is a lucky letter and indicates strong instincts. C people express themselves clearly and can be enthusiastic and entertaining. They also aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve and tell others how they feel. Mimicking the shape of the letter, which is like a cup turned on its side, C people can spill out their emotions when hurt.

Letter D

D people are solid as a rock and tend to be hard workers. Determined, grounded, and very practical, they don’t waste time or money. D people have good systems in place to get things done quickly and efficiently. They can also handle deadlines and pressure, even though they may initially respond negatively to unfamiliar endeavors. 

Letter E

This is the letter for activity, restlessness, or uncertainty. E people are powerful and have a strong desire for freedom and fun—the more excitement, the better. These people are versatile and clever, and are able to see many different sides of a situation. Often the life of the party, they have a keen mind and can’t be fooled. E also indicates a tendency to be high strung or nervous.

Letter F

Good hosts who are easy to get along with, F people are self-sacrificing and very responsible. Discriminating, particular, and often idealistic, they frequently thrive on helping others, even at their own expense. Because they are warm-hearted and caring, F people have to try not to let other people’s problems drag them down. 

Letter G

G people are visionaries who have the analytical ability to see the details in the big picture. Often avid readers, they make patient teachers and are intellectually active. Reserved and refined, G people need time alone to charge their batteries. 

Letter H

Sometimes emotional yet able to listen to their own inner voice, H people are alert, aware, and watchful. They learn their lessons through experience but aren’t easily discouraged from their plan. Even though they enjoy material things, for H people, money can come and go. They also like to spend time outdoors. 

Letter I

I people are intense, inquisitive, and able to interpret conditions and events in an intelligent way. Because they feel deeply, I people are compassionate, generous, and loving; however, they sometimes find it difficult to overcome pride and personal feelings. Prone to anxiety, I people need to be balanced. 

Letter J

Simply put, J is for justice—fair play and balancing the scales is the name of the game for them. Friendship is their forte, and J people make exceptional friends themselves. Possessing a sense of humor with solid leadership traits, they are sometimes better suited to giving directions than being directed. 

Letter K

Psychic, enlightened, and intuitive, K people are often blessed with excellent memories and powers of concentration. Persistent and having strong likes and dislikes, they often go to extremes. Naturally high-strung, sensitive K people need to avoid situations that could trigger their inherent propensity for anxiety. The Master number associated with it, 11 (discussed later in this chapter), is indicative of talent or literary ability.

Letter L

Lively, vital, and powerful, the letter L indicates a heady, honest, and tolerant individual who’s generous and kind-hearted. Social and capable of self-sacrifice, L people like their work to be useful and are capable of leadership to that end. They need to watch out for clumsiness or missteps when they feel anxious. 

Letter M

A dedicated, high-energy worker who likes to see tasks to completion, M people fit well into structured environments. They have their two feet firmly planted on the ground, which makes it difficult to disturb their composure. These faithful homebodies, who need a firm financial base to feel secure, are very loyal and like to help people in their social circle resolve problems. 

Letter N

N people are creative and original individuals who are able to think outside the box. They have a strong-willed personality with opinions to match. N people also tend to document their lives in written form, sometimes in journals or diaries. They thrive on change and seem to overcome obstacles with ease. When it comes to their personal life, N people may have their share of romantic entanglements. 

Letter O

Self-contained, sensitive, and able to control their emotions, O people need to be careful not to appear self-centered to others. Happiest when there are boundaries, rules, and laws, they have a sense of morality that makes them take the high ground and strive to do the right thing. Because O people feel things deeply, they must try to avoid being possessive or jealous. 

Letter P

P people are intellectual with a broad base of knowledge. Though they can often be secretive, others generally have great first impressions of them. Determined but possessed of numerous doubts, they are insistent upon proof of assertions before they’re convinced. P people are temperamentally suited for professional and scientific pursuits.

Letter Q

Q people are seekers and searchers who ask innumerable questions and have good reasoning skills; however, they can become too deeply wedded to their own ideas. Q people speak their mind eloquently and are money magnets with the ability to be persuasive in business matters. They are often perceived as difficult to read and can be quite mysterious on a personal level. 

Letter R

Energetic, exacting, and thorough, R people can be perfectionists to the point that those around them become annoyed by their behavior. They possess strong powers of attraction and are popular with others. Often artistic or musical, R people often have latent talents that need to be developed and expressed. 

Letter S

S people are real charmers, with lots of warmth and devotion. Because they possess a kind nature, they are able to work well with others. Often original and artistic, they tend to have an intense life. While S people can be dramatic in their reactions, they are also strong and substantial, able to weather the storm through their frequent up-and-down periods. 

Letter T

T people are attentive, thoughtful, conscientious, and sometimes quiet; however, they can be assertive when pushed. Conflicted between a desire for peace around them and having their own way, they are uncertain when standing alone. T people are also charitable, but often consider themselves to be “bearing a cross.” They need to keep their feelings in check and not be too sensitive.

Letter U

U people find expression in their fields of interest. They also tend to internalize their feelings and emotions. U people need to tap into their impeccable sense of time and luck to think quickly on their feet and commit wholeheartedly to projects. Pleasing and often entertaining, they are naturally predisposed toward glamour.

Letter V

Often intuitive, V people are tuned in to the universe and get answers from “on high.” They have vivid imaginations and therefore need to make sure they are able to separate fact from fiction. V people hate to be controlled. Variety is the hallmark of them, and they tend to have lofty goals. Loving luxury and comfort, travel is a welcome antidote to their restlessness. 

Letter W

W people comprise many different experiences and are recognized as willing, spontaneous, outgoing, and versatile. Very charismatic and creative, they surround themselves with interesting people. Because they’re mentally active, W people are apt to engage in stimulating conversations. One thing they should be aware of is that travel can upset their home life.

Letter X

Thriving on information extracted from books and other sources, X people tend to have a photographic memory, soaking up information like a sponge soaks up moisture. Mechanical aptitude is often an X trait. X people have a deep love of family and feel a duty to make the world better. Often misunderstood, they can be moody and should be careful to avoid addiction.

Letter Y

Y people love freedom and enjoy pushing the envelope. They tend to be active, but with a carefree, easy-does-it approach. Sometimes faced with forks in the road, Y people need to use their natural gift of intuition while pondering which route to follow in life. They are prone to a curiosity about the supernatural and often have peculiar interests with an intuitive touch. More comfortable when doing solitary pursuits, Y people tend to have artistic or musical interests.

Letter Z

Z is a very strong letter and is common in people who have power over others. While Z people can have a temper, they quickly recover from blow-ups and forgive, forget, and move forward. They are seldom alone in a crowd and make their presence felt to those around them. Because Z people retain knowledge like a walking encyclopedia, they are likely to have a literary bent. 

Next, discuss the numeric value of each letter, which is what you’ll be using in your calculations. You don’t need to memorize the number that corresponds to every letter, but it’s helpful to understand how the numbers are assigned. 

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