Destiny Number Meanings – Destiny Number 7

Destiny number 7 meaning

A Destiny Number of 7 indicates you have a highly developed analytical mind, which allows you to precisely examine objects and situations and see patterns and trends. Mildly skeptical, you generally require proof. You also need tranquility and time alone to recharge your batteries; in those times, you enjoy reading to help you relax.

Although you aren’t overly demonstrative, as a 7, you feel things deeply. A lover of nature in all forms, you have respect for all creatures great and small. Having a pet brings you pleasure.

Conservative, dignified, and well-groomed, you tend to be a perfectionist. You’re a person of refined tastes and culture who appreciates the finer things in life. An observer of others with an ability for imitation, you have the talent to act. Because of your extensive vocabulary, you’re able to express your thoughts, particularly in written form. You also know how to ask keen questions and think on your feet.

Even though you may appear aloof and not easy to get close to, as a 7, you’re a very loyal friend. You dislike gossip and the people who spread it, and because of your highly developed sense of integrity, you’re extremely ethical and honest in your dealings.

As a believer in karma, you strive to do the right thing—even when no one is watching. An intuitive old soul with an interest in metaphysics, you’re also a seeker of truth.

Be more sociable—make the first move, greet others warmly, and learn the art of small talk. Remember that stimulants (and depressants) affect you differently than they do most people because you’re often naturally pensive and melancholy.

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