Extended Journey of Numerology’s Number Types 

As befits its name, studying and applying numerology involves many numbers. Some of those numbers derive from your birth name, while others come from your birth date. Together, they give you an understanding of who you are, from what path you’ll walk during this lifetime to how others see you

In this section, I give you an overview of what types of numbers you’ll encounter in numerology—including Core Numbers and less mainstream numbers—and how they relate to you.

Your Core Numbers are the four main numbers that make up your personal numerology profile. They include your Destiny Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, and Life Path Number. 

Notable Numbers Derived from Your Name 

While there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, each is assigned a number from 1 to 9 via Pythagorean numerology. Based on this letter-to-number correspondence, your name has many applications in numerology.

Your birth name has a significant impact on who you are as a person. Using numerology, you can discover hidden abilities and talents. You can also gain insight to your innermost desires and how others perceive you.

Using numerology to analyze your birth name helps give you a better understanding of yourself and your abilities, including how you typically act in an emergency and what traits make you most successful.

The following are numerology values you can find using your birth name:

Destiny Number: Sometimes called the Name Number, the Destiny Number is derived from adding the letter values in your birth name. It indicates what talents and aptitudes you were born with, what you are destined to do in your life, and how you can best utilize your talents and interests to be successful.  

Soul Number: Also called the Heart Number or Birth Force Number, the Soul Number is calculated from the vowels in your name. This number helps you discover the real, inner you, including your values, hopes, wishes, dreams, and innermost desires as well as your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward life and love.

Personality Number: This number is calculated using the consonants in your name and tells you about the outer you, or what you project to those around you. The Personality Number doesn’t always convey the real you—only the impression you make on others.

Intensification Numbers: An above-average amount of certain letters and their corresponding values in your name are how you find your Intensification Numbers. They can tell you more about your personality, such as whether you’re extravagant or have great self-discipline .

Karma Numbers: Any letters you’re missing in your full birth name and its corresponding number value indicate your Karma Numbers. These numbers tell you the skills and attributes you may need to cultivate to help you better handle situations in your lifetime.

Subconscious Response Number: To get this number, you determine how many Karma Numbers you have and subtract that from 9. This number reveals how you instinctively act in an emergency—in other words, whether you’re apt to panic or remain calm.

Point of Security Number: This number is derived from adding the amount of letters in your full birth name. The Point of Security Number indicates what you have within you to be successful both personally and professionally, no matter what obstacles come up in your life .

Hidden Essence and Essence Numbers: These are calculated by adding the numeric values of the letters in your first, middle, and last names and progressing them on a chart. Your Hidden Essence and Essence Numbers represent conditions and circumstances you may experience at any given age of your life .

Notable Numbers Derived from Your Birth Date 

All of the numerology values derived from your birth date deal with elements of timing, whether it’s a lifetime, a year, a four-month period, a month, or a day. You can use these periods of time to look back, look forward, or even look at where you are currently

Numbers calculated using your birth date advise you what to do and when to do it based on certain time periods. For example, you may find out that this year is about new beginnings, which can mean looking for a new job, changing your appearance, or moving on to a new relationship. The overarching goals can then be broken down into smaller time frames, such as months or days, so you can work to reach your goal. Think of these calculations as your personal highway, guiding you down life’s path.

The following are numerology values you can find using your birth date:

Birthday Number: This number simply comes from the day you were born, reduced to a single digit if necessary. The Birthday Number tells you what traits you have in common with people born on that day, no matter the month ..

Life Path Number: This number is calculated using the month, day, and four-digit year you were born. Your Life Path Number gives you clues to your opportunities in life and what you may need to learn in order to accomplish your goals .

Hidden Cross: Adapted from the Chinese Lo Shu Square, the Hidden Cross is a graphic organizer resembling a tic-tac-toe grid. The digits of your birth month, day, and year are placed in specific squares. Each of the three horizontal rows and three vertical columns give detailed information about how you relate to others and explain your three levels of consciousness .

Pinnacles and Challenges: The four Pinnacles and their accompanying Challenges are derived from the month, day, and four-digit year of your birth. Pinnacles give you an overview of positive circumstances and events you may encounter during certain periods of your life, whereas Challenges foretell potential bumps in the road you’ll encounter in reaching your Pinnacles.

Personal Year Number: This number is calculated by using your birth month, birth date, and the year in which you last celebrated your birthday. Based on a nine-year cycle, the Personal Year Number indicates the influences for the year you’re in, and what you should or can do about it .

Triad Numbers: These numbers are calculated using your birth month, day of birth, the four-digit year in which you were born, the four-digit year in which you celebrated your last birthday, your age at your last birthday, and your Life Path Number. The Triad Numbers reveal more detailed information for each of the four-month periods within your Personal Year.

Personal Month Numbers: To calculate these numbers, you need only the numeric value of the month in question and your Personal Year Number. Personal Month Numbers help you track how your feelings, attitudes, and circumstances change during the course of a Personal Year.

Personal Day Number: You calculate this by using your Personal Year Number and at least one month and day of interest to you. Your Personal Day Number can help you weigh decisions you want to or need to make on any given day .

Numerology’s Secondary Numbers  

There are additional numbers that have lesser import, either because they only impact for a short duration or during a specific part of your life. These numbers can provide insight to your more mature years, help you navigate some less-positive numbers, and detect worldwide trends by year.

The following are secondary numerology values you can use:

Maturity Number: This number is calculated by adding your Life Path Number and your Destiny Number and reducing to a single digit if necessary. This number is meant for your middle-age years and gives hints about how to make the most of your “golden years” .

Malefic Numbers: These refer to the numbers 14, 16, and 19. You may see the Malefic Numbers as your calculations for your Core Numbers before you reduce them to a single digit, or they may be around you on addresses, license plates, and so on. Despite the name, these numbers aren’t inherently evil—they just point to less positive aspects of your life .

Universal Year Number: To calculate this, you simply add the digits of the current year. Known as the “rhythm of the universe,” it describes the current year in general terms.

Important Year Numbers 

The important year numbers are just that—time spans that are interesting in our lifetime. For example, they can refer to the year you graduated from college, made a major physical move, got married, changed careers, had a baby, and so on.

The following are important year numerology values you can find using your birth date: 

Milestone Years and Overtone Numbers: Milestone Years are calculated by first taking your four-digit birth year, reducing it to a single digit, and adding it to the full birth year. This gives you the first Milestone Year, which you can then reduce to a single digit and add to that year to get your next one, and so on. These tell you the significant years in your life. The Overtone Numbers are each of the single-digit numbers you get for the years .

Highlight Year Number: To calculate this, you add your age now to the age you’ll be on your next birthday. This gives you an idea of how you’re progressing through life .

Red-Letter Years: Sometimes called Forecasting, you find these by taking your first, middle, and last names and adding the numeric value of the current letter to the numeric value of the previous letter. The Red-Letter Years are the ages in your life that are memorable or when something significant occurs.

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