Numerology Number 1: Their Full Meanings and Related Information

Number One is the number of the attainment of goals and dreams.  It is the number of action. It represents new beginnings, progress along one’s path, and self‐confidence or ego. On the spiritual level, it is the number of the Creator, the Spiritual Self.  It represents the union and balance between the spiritual and material levels of life and of no longer seeing the physical world as being separate from Spirit. There is only The One. Everything becomes spiritual.

The symbol is a circle. It represents a crown, or the serpent eating its tail. It represents eternity. Native Americans generally say the circle is sacred because the Great Spirit created all things, except stone, to be round. Many ceremonies are done in a circle. The Medicine Wheel is set up in a circle.  

 It is called the “Aspiration of Man.” It is the urging of the soul to reunite with God, the One from which we came.

Its element is fire. Fire is the energy of the emotions, intelligence, creativity, and the spirit of adventure. It is the life force. It gives a person a lot of energy for life. To be near fire, whether in the form of candles or a camp fire: will be soothing and strengthening.  

 Its color is red. Red is the color of the life energy and feeds the desires and impulses. Wearing red will aid in dealing with the energies of the One.

The planet is the Sun and the signs are Aries and Capricorn. The sun has the energies of will power, vitality, leadership, creativity, achievement, honor, glory, individualization, authority, and the self.    Aries is the sign of activity, primitive self‐expression, the joy of being, and of leaders and pioneers.   Capricorn is the sign of appreciation for the value of organization, a keen sense to conserve material resources and to perfect abilities.

The chakra is the Root. It is the chakra for the life force and creativity. It is located at the base of the tail bone. (A chakra is an energy vortex that allows energy to pass through from the physical body to the energy field around it, and from the energy field around the body to the physical body.) It is the chakra associated with the physical functioning of the body. If you are having problems handling the energies of the one, you may have trouble with the area of the body near the root chakra and you may feel more tired than usual.  

The Tarot cards associated with the number one are The Magician, The Sun, and The Wheel of Fortune. The Magician is the card of will‐power and mastery. It brings organizational skills and creative talents. It means you   have the ability to take the power from above and direct it through your desires into manifestation. The Sun is the card of material happiness, success, attainment, and achievements in the arts, science and agriculture. It is the card   of liberation and pleasure in the simple life. The Wheel of Fortune is the card of success and means a turn of luck.

The physical areas associated with the number One are the head, the heart, and the senses. If you are having difficulty dealing with the energy of the one, you may experience problems with these physical areas of the body. If you are handling the one’s energy well, these areas will tend to be healthy. The Mode of Expression for the one letters are: A and J express through the mental level, and the S expresses through the emotion level.


Carnelian activates the sense of touch, and increases the ability to be in touch with the inner self. It is the symbol of the spiritual love of God. It helps the healing of the eyes, boils, indigestion and imbalances in the kidneys, lungs and spleen. It also deepens the powers of concentration.

Coral helps bone disorders and offsets senility. It helps concentration and balance in one’s character. It is used to counter the loss of appetite or to control the appetite. It eases depression and excessive worry.  It cools tempers, balances physical energies, relaxes the mind, and brings wisdom.    It also helps protect against upper respiratory infections.

Diamond helps to protect against evil forces and is associated with innocence and constancy.  It is considered a barrier against cowardice and brings love and comfort

Garnet helps to strengthen the liver, heart, kidneys, and thyroid and helps alleviate various types of anemia and blood disorders. It aids in getting rid of bad dreams and depression. It also enhances self‐esteem.

Jasper (red) aids in hormonal balancing of the body and increases sensitivity into understanding.  It also helps to balance the emotions.

Jet helps to ward off evil influences and aid the cells of the body in healing and staying healthy.

Obsidian or volcanic glass helps to balance the stomach, intestinal tract and muscle tissue.  It protects one from being abused. It will aid in balancing the emotional stress brought on by outside pressures.

Onyx aids in strengthening and regenerating the over all physical condition of the body. It helps relieve stress, apathy, and neurological disorders.   It increases the assimilation of vitamins B and E.  It aids in the ability to let go of issues and people that are no longer of benefit. It helps to control the emotions and remove negative thinking. It aids in helping to deal with separations such as the loss of a job or loved one.

 Quartz is the symbol of purity, patience, perseverance, and the infinity of space.    It is a general healing stone.    It aids in breaking bad habits and strengthening positive action.  It stimulates openness and the awakening of the mind. In many Native American cultures, the clear quartz crystal is important because it reflects the rainbow. This reflection of the rainbow, which is a God‐ made symbol, makes the stone special.

Ruby is the greatest spiritual protector of all the gems. It has a mystical vibration. It aids in bringing good health, long life and continuous happiness. It aids in the clearing of negative thoughts and enhances intuition.

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